The Brookline Havurah Minyan meets twice a month for Shabbat – once on a Friday evening and once on a Saturday morning. The schedule for both Shabbat and holiday observances is posted quarterly. Shabbat locations are in private homes.  Contact us for location information.


Our services are conducted in Hebrew with the addition of occasional English readings and commentary. Niggunim are emphasized.  Friday evenings include kabbalat shabbat services. Shabbat morning services include p’sukei d’zimra and shacharit with a partial Torah reading. Our emphasis is on the d’var torah with ample group discussion. We do not do musaf except on the high holidays.

We join for a meal at every Shabbat gathering. Friday evenings there is a potluck dairy dinner. Saturdays we hold a potluck dairy lunch.  Some meals have special themes based on the time or year or the parsha. See the Schedule for more information.


Holidays are a special focus for our community. The Lag Ba’Omer picnic, Chanukah party, Purim megillah reading, and other events are annual highlights. Traditional High Holiday services are held in addition to services on major holidays.


To inquire about attending or joining the Brookline Havurah Minyan, email our gabbai or call 617-244-5653